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I’m quickly skimming through Jessamyn West’s outstanding new book, “Without a Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide,” and ran across this statement that is important for any trainer teaching any level of technology to any group of students, especially those uncomfortable with technology. In a lot of ways it’s common sense to anyone who’s worked with anyone learning technology, but it’s still always good to have the reminder.

I hope you take it to heart as much as I have (and read the whole book!):

Part of being an effective instructor is about putting technology use into perspective for people and helping them find a place for it in their own lives as something other than an insurmountable obstacle” –p74, Without a Net

Twitter Daily Digest for 2011-06-25

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Twitter Daily Digest for 2011-06-24

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What’s on my iPad?

People find out I have an iPad, and always ask me what’s on it. It’s always awkward trying to show & explain all the apps that are on it, while at the same time choose my favorites (which is near impossible). To help quickly answer that question, I’m putting out a list of what’s on my iPad. Any favorites will be marked by anĀ asterisk. If possible, I’ll also mark today’s price for these apps. But for the sake of the length of this post, I will not explain what each app is or what is does.Ā Maybe in a future post


.Ā Do I use all of these apps in the list? No. But they’re on there, just the same. Finally, here’s a few good resources about iPads and apps, especially with an education focus.

Apps on my iPad

Dock (Apps across the bottom of the screen)

Screen One

No Folder

Books Folder

Cooking Folder

Multimedia Folder

News Folder

Office Tasks Folder

Productivity Folder

Social Media Folder

Websites Folder

Screen Two

Education Folder (#1)

Education Folder (#2)



For Kids

Kids Books

Twitter Daily Digest for 2011-06-23

  • Twitter Daily Digest for 2011-06-22 http://ff.im/-GkN6E #
  • office window open, its 70 degrees outside, and the birds are singing. beautiful day šŸ™‚ #
  • @ClaudiaBossBil you too claudia; how's the flooding up there? šŸ™ in reply to ClaudiaBossBil #
  • @ClaudiaBossBil šŸ™ i wondered how things were going up there; saw it at leavenworth saturday night; could tell it was getting high in reply to ClaudiaBossBil #
  • no, i'd hoped to go to one of those, but decided not to — would have had to pay own way. just as well, grad classes picking up this week #
  • I had lots of Vitamin D for lunch (sunlight). What did you have? It is beyond gorgeous today here! #
  • Harvard Education Letter http://www.hepg.org/hel/article/502 #
  • customer service fail today. sigh. #
  • @alemon this was over the phone; actually want to figure out how to quietly complain. have lots of respect for org in q(why not naming) in reply to alemon #
  • @alemon think this was a one time only bad experience but still in reply to alemon #
  • @alemon oh i complain loudly & publicly most of the time, but this organization is different… in reply to alemon #
  • 2 pcs on: Library Innovation: NextSpace story on Innovation Gaps http://t.co/7xHwexU & OCLC Innovation symposium archive http://t.co/qiTBH4m #
  • @zackarylee your time there is up already? wow! can't wait to hear more stories when you can post/write more! in reply to zackarylee #
  • @kylepace @web20classroom @activelearning reading natl Ed tech plan for class. 1) have you read it? 2) are the ideas implementable? #
  • @kylepace @web20classroom @activelearning asking bc I see suggestions already happening organically but r they implementable on large scale? #
  • @kylepace @web20classroom @activelearning interesting observation of plan is it screams for school lib 2b leading the way but no mention #
  • As June begins to draw to a close I'm floored at what has happened since the year's beginning. And what's to come. Dreams/passions realized! #
  • Planning to be involved in the #atnewlib discussion soon, if my grad classes' reading would stop getting in the way šŸ™‚ #
  • @AtNewLib no mission of libs is not widely understood at all. We can't quickly explain our impact/benefit/need in our communities. #atnewlib in reply to AtNewLib #
  • who all is #ala11behind I am! #

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