Twitter Daily Digest for 2011-06-28

  • Twitter Daily Digest for 2011-06-27 #
  • If I have to read any more reports on the digital divide my brain will explode from TMI… now to go write up that presentation. #
  • After all the reading I think that policymakers & maybe even librarians still focus too much on the access element of the digital divide… #
  • Lisa Bloom: How to Talk to Little Girls: via @addthis #
  • skyping with my niece and nephew. I love technology! #
  • @LisaBloom as a kid, many thought I was weird being more consumed w learning than beauty/fashion; yr post on HuffPost means the world to me! #
  • i'm crazy; going to try to participate in this MOOC ( while also taking 6 hrs of grad classes & working full time #
  • @teacherman82 LOL 🙂 in reply to teacherman82 #
  • i hate finding stuff that just came out a week ago when in the middle of writing stuff…think i'm going to ignore this report this time… #
  • on the speaker notes….i can do this! Slide 4 of 41 & more slides still might get thrown in (not a presentation per se, class assignment) #
  • @gohomekiki yummy 🙂 enjoy! those are delicious. in reply to gohomekiki #
  • @gohomekiki yeah you might; i was thinking bread and butter pickles by themselves!! in reply to gohomekiki #

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