Learning Virtually: 23 Things and Counting

Cindi Hickey, Louise Alcorn, Christa Burns, and I presented at the 23 Things and Counting session. Obviously I didn’t take any notes. 🙂

The slides from the portion of the session that Cindi and I gave are online here, and the website that we created as part of our presentation is available here.

It went very well (I thought), and I loved how well the session easily segued into Gretchen and Brian’s session on Transliteracy that was next/last on the day’s track.

Managing Professional Information Overload presentation

“Struggling to keep track of all the content you need to read, watch, listen to, and share professionally to stay up-to-date, but can’t manage it all? Learn about five free, online tools, including Evernote and Diigo, that can help you manage professional information overload.”

These are the resources from a presentation I gave at the District 1 KASL Workshop on Saturday, March 5, 2011.

Using Copyright Friendly Images in Presentations and Websites

I am going to be giving a couple of presentations this fall on using copyright friendly images in presentations, documents, and websites. I’m not quite prepared to begin working on these sessions, but I just stumbled upon some fantastic resources thanks to this tweet, and don’t want to lose track of them!

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