Week Ten: Video on the Web

I am attempting to get caught up on 23 Things Kansas slowly. I had every intention of participating week-by-week, but between work at NEKLS, maintaing the project site, answering questions on the site by email and by  chat, and helping write two lessons, I’ve admittedly (and not surprisingly) gotten way behind. As tempted as I am to do what Liz did (although it was ingenious, and I’m jealous), I’m still trying to get in the habit of blogging at least a few days a week, and will try to do each lesson as an individual post (although they probably WILL NOT be in week order). Which leads me to this week’s lesson on Video on the Web, led by David Lee King.

I love online video and as the semi-millenial that I am, it’s where I consume most of my media content these days. I lose too much time on YouTube (became a huge Wicked fan, thanks to YouTube clips alone of the musical). In fact, I lose many hours on YouTube, watching different musical clips and the Logan Show. I watch my favorite TV shows online for free, through Hulu and other sites, as I don’t have cable, and until recently, didn’t even have a working antenna. I bought an antenna during the Winter Olympics, when I couldn’t find places to watch them online live, and I wasn’t about to miss the ice skating! I also utilize a NetFlix subscription, and watch funny cat videos, and videos that challenge my thinking.

My favorite one of those ice skating videos? (I linked to four of my favorites above) Todd Eldredge’s “First Knight” free skate at the 1996 World Championships:

I’ve also recorded, edited, and shot a lot of video over the past 12 or so years, starting clear back in high school (yes, I just dated myself). I created a couple of videos last year, for a presentation at the Computers in Libraries conference. Here’s one that’s a quick “tour” of all the KLOW sites (from March 2009).

Finally, I’ve starting shooting more videos with my own video camera, since getting a new iPhone with video capabilities last summer. Most are of my niece and nephew. Having the iPhone has made it very easy to quickly grab and shoot small videos on the fly. Here’s one no family member should yell at me too much for posting:

I love video of all kinds; it’s a way entertain, educate, or to tell a story, even if it’s just through text.

Work in Progress

construction figuresThis blog continues to be a work in progress. One of these days I’ll get around to finishing it up, including completing my different links lists, getting caught up on 23 Things Kansas lessons, and creating pages and resources for all the presentations I’ve done in the past 18 months. (Maybe if I’d get the web sites at work redesigned, I’d have time to play with my own. Ha!) Thanks for your patience.

Photo from Flickr, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lumaxart/2365527490/.

Gaming, Public Funds, and Libraries in Nebraska

An interesting discussion on libraries, public funds and gaming/social networking is going on up in Nebraska. The State Auditor has questioned why the Nebraska Library Commission used public funds for a PlayStation 2 purchase, why staff time is being used for social networking/second life participation, and why is staff uploading content to YouTube and Flickr. The commission’s response is a great defense of why library’s are purchasing gaming equipment, participating in social networking, etc. Something to keep handy as it develops and as a resource in case your library is ever questioned for similar purchasing/participation.

See the Nebraska State Paper for more info

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