Analyzing, Evaluating and Communicating the Value of Web Presence

Michael Porter and Amanda Clay Powers

don’t let “that’s the way we’ve always done it” or “we are too busy” kill our libraries.  –Michael Porter.

Michael’s part

ROI: What it is. What it is for libs. Why you care/don’t need to care.

Slides will be online later.

Case to invest staff time, see Oliver Blanchard’s site (business community leader),

“Social media is just a spoke in the wheel.” –Jason Falls,

Create your goals, then measurable objectives, then strategies to met the objectives, then tactics to accomplish the strategies. –Jason Falls.

Video: Social Media ROI: Socialnomics

Delicious Resources

See, ROI can be pretty COOL….can tell a story. “there really is no way to calculate Social Media ROI through an equation…”

There are low-cost tools available (listed in the slides)

WebJunction studies. Michael has thrown stuff together into reports over the last 18 months with lots of anecdotes about what has happened at WebJunction looking at their investment into Social Media.

Amanda’s part

There’s nothing wrong with analysis… AND the metrics are out there….

Most people see a place for Twitter and Facebook and Other Tools

But What is Your Target? What’s next

It’s about listening, building relationships, and adding value. What Barry is doing at JCCCLibrary is this. See his slides from last week for more info. He does a lot with Twitter Search & connecting with his patrons at the college.

Get your resources noticed. and see how your message is being spread.

Assessing Social Media #cil2010 – Not just about numbers, but who’s engaging with you —@carolbatt

Assessment is Blanchard’s

  • multiphase
  • multi-layered
  • process

We are peeling back layers of rich, nonlinear, exciting data we’ve never had before.

  • Are you retweeted? Who did it and why?
  • What gets “liked”?
  • What provokes comment?
  • Who’s engaging with YOU?
  • What are you doing that’s STICKY?

Create your own assessment tool.

Your ROI Story, Questions, Comments?

@JanieH tells story of library tweetups & businesses have come who use Twitter. These businesses now retweet library events that the library tweets about.

Archiving Tweets: Twapperkeeper

Can feed your Facebook stats into Google Analytics now.