Coverflow in the OPAC: Making your catalog more dynamic

Chris Brannon, IT Coordinator, Couer D’Alene Public Library

His slides will be on the wiki

CIN’s catalog

Kyle’s coverflow instructions [back-end setup need in webserver, Apache]

4 coverflow widgets, based on reports for new Adult materials, new childrens materials, recently checked out materials, recently returned materials reports

Hasn’t seen many performance issues with this set up; report doesn’t reload/rerun unless you refresh your page; doesn’t have many people landing on catalog homepage — could be an issue if you have lots of computers that land on the catalog homepage

Dynamic content for the catalog

  • install the coverlow plugin (may need assistance from support vendor)
  • Configure the plugin in the Tool Plugins
  • Place your elements somewhere in the catalog page
    • <span id='coverlow'>=Loading </span>

Instructions walk you through the necessary steps; to

4 coverflows set up with unique span id and unique report id

will be also sharing the SQL on the reports used to build the coverflows — reports need to be public in order for this to work.

Plugin does the heavy lifting for CoverFlow — javscript code, etc., more, built through plugin, and is added to your opacuserjs sys pref. Can tweak/manipulate the js code then.

One tweak: added canned searches link to the new items cover flows to find more materials.

Some reports are load slower than others.

Suggestions for improvement

  • Reports that are run once a day or on a schedule, and the results stored where Coverflow can utilize those results, resulting in faster loading <– should be be available in a future version of Koha, thanks to Bug #13578
  • Working on applying the results in Digital Displays around the library that can be automatically rotated thru.

Could you pull the data from a list? Write a report that pulls data from a static list