Winter Break Reading List

Now that the fall semester is over, I have about five weeks before the Spring Semester begins in my current grad program. After a rough fall, I’m glad to see this semester end and look forward to a new one and a new calendar year. Meanwhile, I’ve had quite the reading stack pile up physically and virtually, especially virtually, thanks to Amazon Kindle’s One-Click button that’s far too easy to click when I see a good book someone recs. So in the spirit of public accountability, here’s the reading list I hope to reduce significantly over the next few weeks. If you have any other recs, please leave them in the comments 🙂

A few notes about the list:

  • I’ll break the list into four groups.
  • Books are linked to either the record in the NExpress Shared Catalog (the Koha regional catalog I help manage at work) or the record, unless otherwise noted.
  • After the Title and Author, P=Physical book copy and K=Kindle electronic version. [I discovered through developing this list that I need to stop buying Kindle books, till I’ve read what I have!]

Librarianship, Technology, Training, Education, and Learning

General Nonfiction

Lawrence Lessig

(He gets his own category; I’m determined to get through a couple of his books, for once!)



Photo Credit:This Paper Trail Leads Right Back To You ~ Explored” by Flickr user Bethan under a Creative Commons license.