How do I use Facebook?

This post is for part of the lesson that Janelle Mercer and I co-authored for the 23 Things Kansas lesson on Online Communities. We are both blogging about how we use Facebook, to give examples to 23 Things Kansas participants.

I’m “old” in Facebook age, joining the network back in its infancy in May 2005 when my college received access to Facebook. That was back in the day when only college students (or alums with college emails) were allowed on Facebook. In the almost five years since, my use of Facebook has drastically evolved. What originally was simply a way to stay in touch with college friends has turned into a way to connect and re-connect with friends and family that are all over the world. We can quickly see what’s going on in each others lives with just a few seconds of looking at each others’ profiles. I love it when my 3-year-old nephew has a new “Logan Show” video posted.

I also use Facebook to connect with library colleagues, getting to know them better, and share resources there. I share lots of tech resources on Facebook, although some other friends think it’s Greek most of the time! I manage the NEKLS Facebook Page for NEKLS libraries, which many of our librarians love, because NEKLS news from our various websites is fed to them right through Facebook.

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