Twitter Daily Digest for 2010-07-30

  • @julian2 oh so jealous! have to drive 30 mins one way or 45 mins the other to go to one out here. enjoy the convenience! in reply to julian2 #
  • now off to pack to leave tomorrow for the #uncoiled workshop that's on Friday & then get a paper edited; sleep sometime, soon, plz?? #
  • Twitter Daily Digest for 2010-07-29 #
  • @bcshipps that happens to us too; we get more phone calls, are you the public library in town? or people just walk right in #libday5 in reply to bcshipps #
  • @daskey co-worker had sent that article out on our sys listserv; seeing that news made my day; it's about time someone took them on! in reply to daskey #
  • RT @mbreeding: SkyRiver files major anti-trust lawsuit against OCLC. #skyoclc #
  • @bcshipps ah ok; we're a reg sys office 3-4 miles away from local publib; we have fun explainng that 2 walkins (support 14 counties of libs) in reply to bcshipps #
  • Getting my hair repermed. Looking forward to the end result & the ease of care again! #
  • Oh the things women do in the name of beauty ! #
  • @erindowney headmasters in Lawrence. I had a consult at bliss but as I was making the appt I overheard the girl ask on time length for,.. in reply to erindowney #
  • @erindowney a color & how long a perm took. I realized then she was a newbie & called next day, canceling appt. Cindi rec'd her stylist in reply to erindowney #
  • Perm went well. Will post pic later. Now stopped for gas on way to Stillwater for the #uncoiled workshop tomorrow. Looking forward to it! #
  • @erindowney I know; description wasn't clear. Stylist went up w me to the desk to make the appt. She was the one saying those things! in reply to erindowney #
  • @erindowney yeah; thankful i realized that was the case before she touched my hair. Yikes is the correct response. in reply to erindowney #
  • made it 2 stillwater successfully; had good dinner w old friends I hadn't seen in several yrs looking forward to #uncoiled workshop tomorrow #

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