Twitter Daily Digest for 2011-04-06

  • Twitter Daily Digest for 2011-04-05 #
  • thankful for online meetings; multi-tasking virtual conf prep meeting while working on KLA preso stuff #
  • #kla2011 is this week, #TEDxOKC is Friday, & I'll be holding a newborn baby boy this weekend two states away. Can this week get any crazier? #
  • does anyone else ever want to respond to a listserv message with the simple response of "and your point is?" #
  • @gohomekiki nope; i have a feeling they'll be stuffing us all day; tea will be enough in the morning for me in reply to gohomekiki #
  • @ranginui oh yeah 🙂 you would on yours, of course! in reply to ranginui #
  • @ranginui @ashuping some posters really do deserve that type of response; the clueless ones or the ones trying 2b funny or stirring the pot in reply to ranginui #
  • did my civic duty by not voting in local elections; I knew nothing about the candidates, therefore, i refuse to cast an uninformed vote. #
  • its two-years old, but still one of my most favorite presentations: "Cloud Computing" w @wizzyrea & @lybrarian : #
  • but this year's preso "Naked in the Library" w @wizzyrea might just trump the Cloud Computing one; will be posting more! #kla2011 #
  • Out with @j_Nellie and Charlene. #kla2011 starts tomorrow! (@ HuHot Mongolian Grill w/ 3 others) #
  • @gohomekiki ours were city commissioners and school board. I never had time to read up on them and so didn't want to vote uninformed. in reply to gohomekiki #
  • Naked in the Library presentation (on online security) #
  • @J_Nellie me too 🙁 🙁 just make sure you come get a cool handout from me in reply to J_Nellie #
  • we're ready to go for #kla2011 right @wizzyrea? "Naked in the Library" here we come! #
  • time to start packing for my weekend trip and figure out what other laundry i need to do! and then must sleep… #

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