A New Look at COIL: Customizing Online Information Literacy

Went to this session; honestly, I don’t like being critical of session, but I’d hoped it had been a lot more than it turned out to be. Presenter focused on using a hardcoded tutorial and talked a lot about code. More fruitful discussion was when she started talking about direct contact with students. Point mentioned that younger faculty thinks students can use everything online (Not true) and don’t send students to the library as much. She hands out her business card so students can contact her directly more and more.

Notes from this session are below.

Presenter: Elizabeth (Beth) Jones (OCU)


Modules use quizzes to show what students are learning and retaining the information. Grade doesn’t matter. Stickiness is the point. The quiz is designed to hold the answers if students need to click on the information areas of the tutorials to review the answers.


  • research instruction sessions
  • graded assignments
  • distance learning

Design considerations

  • first set should be generic or for lower level English courses
  • What types of info will be standard across the disciplines?
  • What areas will be different?
  • Keep it short.


  • Using Desktop software: Adobe Dreamweaver; FTP Commander; HTML; Javascript; Visual Basic
  • Another suggested tool to use it working with a CMS?
  • Access Database reading — Visual Basic.


  • What is different about this area/discipline?
  • Change all examples or excerpts to discipline specific ones.
  • Change all citations to the approved style for the discipline.


  • Uses spry method within Dreamweaver


Pre-test/post-test used to compare progress? Hasn’t been implemented yet?

Right now correct/incorrect displays; eventually go back and put in more information for why choice was wrong.

Jquery mentioned as an alternative to straight Javascript.