Winter Break Reading List

Now that the fall semester is over, I have about five weeks before the Spring Semester begins in my current grad program. After a rough fall, I’m glad to see this semester end and look forward to a new one and a new calendar year. Meanwhile, I’ve had quite the reading stack pile up physically and virtually, especially virtually, thanks to Amazon Kindle’s One-Click button that’s far too easy to click when I see a good book someone recs. So in the spirit of public accountability, here’s the reading list I hope to reduce significantly over the next few weeks. If you have any other recs, please leave them in the comments ­čÖé

A few notes about the list:

  • I’ll break the list into four groups.
  • Books are linked to either the record in the NExpress Shared Catalog (the Koha regional catalog I help manage at work) or the record, unless otherwise noted.
  • After the Title and Author, P=Physical book copy and K=Kindle electronic version. [I discovered through developing this list that I need to stop buying Kindle books, till I’ve read what I have!]

Librarianship, Technology, Training, Education, and Learning

General Nonfiction

Lawrence Lessig

(He gets his own category; I’m determined to get through a couple of his books, for once!)



Photo Credit:This Paper Trail Leads Right Back To You ~ Explored” by Flickr user Bethan under a Creative Commons license.

A Day in the Life of a Library 2010 (Part One)

After watching from the sidelines the past four rounds of the “A Day in the Life of a Library” Project, I swore I’d├é┬áparticipate├é┬áthe next time, which is this week!

On Monday, I managed to take meticulous notes by hand throughout the day, but haven’t had a chance to record them on here yet. I’ve got a general idea of what I’ve done on Tuesday and Wednesday and will do one big blog post about my week at the end of the week.

I’ve also been using the #libday5 hashtag on Twitter off and on, included many times this morning in response to a “certain” comment on this post by Bobbi Newman, but what I’ve gotten the most out of this week is using the libday5 tag for my Delicious account. I share and save a lot of articles I run across throughout the day to Delicious and to Instapaper (RSS Feed link to my items). I rarely do go back and read them, but I’m amazed at the times I run to Delicious when a certain topic comes at hand and I can find an article/resource or two in there. Check out my reading list so far this week.

Stay tuned for my summary post.