Knowledge Brokers & Learning Spectrum Assessment

Here’s two more resources for the evening.

The first is Knowledge Broker discussion over at School Library Monthly. Apparently in the February issue of Educational Leadership a psychology professor suggested the teachers bring in knowledge brokers to promote and support teachers in good technology use. He defined them as students and outside community members — without any mention of school librarians!! Outage to this glaring missing stakeholder mention obviously resulted online and the author responded in a blog post. The School Library Monthly post has a better summary of the situation as well as more related links. Check it out!

The other one came via a tweet by Will Richardson, sharing the “Learning Spectrum Self-Assessment.” More information about this document is available here.

The places where I ideally would like my mythical classroom to be on the spectrum (if I ever teach at any level) are indicated by the blue boxes on the below image; click on it to make it larger. I didn’t see an easy way to duplicate this assessment through written answers, so I just created a Jing screenshot of it, marking my answers before saving the results.

What do your results look like?