Kansas library advocacy efforts roundup

Note: Link List Updated March 15, 2016, 10am

Update: HB2719 hearing was yesterday, Monday, March 14, 2016. A fiscal note has been added for the bill (a plain English explanation of the bill) The links have been updated to reflect a few media stories from that day, as well as adding in a Storify link from social media posts of the day. 

I thought it might be a good idea to link to many of the advocacy efforts and links being shared online, against Kansas HB2719here’s a brief explanation from my own regional library system, the Northeast Kansas Library System.

I’m floored at the number of posts I’m seeing shared through Facebook — and those are the only ones I can see publicly. I’m pretty sure there’s much more being shared. Please keep sharing, calling, and writing the House Taxation Committee and your own House representative (look up here) about this bill of unintended consequences — it also could affect the public funding abilities of fire districts, airport taxing authority districts, parks and recreation commissions, water supply districts, and Washburn University (all listed/referred entities in HB2719).

Kansans love their libraries and librarians. That is becoming quickly clear.

Here’s several posts: I do apologize in advance if I overlook anyone’s posting. Please share more links in the comments if you are aware of any. The one thing I will ask: please keep any comments civil and respectful. 

Kansas Library Association and brief regional library system info

Media Coverage

Blog Posts

Selected Facebook Posts from pre-hearing advocacy efforts

Full disclosure: I am an employee of a Kansas regional library system. These thoughts are my own and not my employer’s. I am not advocating for my job. I am advocating for the citizens of Kansas who deserve maintaining equity and efficient public library service by keeping current funding models and practices in place, and oppose HB2719 as a result. 

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