eBooks and their Growing Value for Libraries Panel

Amy Pawlowski, Web App Manager at Cleveland Public Library

Sue Polanka, Head of Referene and Instruction at Wright State University Libraries, Author of No Shelf Required

Ellen Druda, Librarian, Internet Services, Half Hollow Hills Community Library

Rosemarie Jerome, Librarian, Half Hollow Hills Community Library

Bianca Crowley, Smithsonian

Amy Pawlowski & Sue Polanka

Public Library

  • 72% of Public Libraries are offering eBooks (LJ report)
  • 55K thousand titles in the Cleveland Public Library eBook collection
  • 5% of public libraries circulate preloaded ereading devices, while 24% are considering it. Kindle was the top device.
  • 1/5 of the US online population reads at least 2 books per month. How to capture that audience?

Academic Library

  • 94% of academic libraries already offer ebooks
  • 80% by 2020- academic econtent expenditures
  • 87% of students say online libraries/databases have impact on learning (Cengage study cited)
  • 50% found positive ebooks/textbooks impact
  • LJ Mobile survey: 65 % of academic libraries offer services via mobile

Value fo Libraries

  • 24/7 access anywhere
  • econtent meets users where they are
    • distance learning
    • virtual reference services
    • mobile websites
    • Course Management Systems
    • Online instruction
    • Self-service research
    • lots of free eBooks available — expand library’s collection that way [CLiC MARC record project]
    • Staying current/relevent by delivering a service to a growing demographic
    • eReaders and tablet market
    • Mobile market

Economic impact for Public Libraries

  • Collection Development Budget
  • Current Cost effectiveness stats

How to Position Your Library: Public Libraries

  • The waiting is over; don’t say you can’t afford it. Join consortiums, etc. [My comment: But still, What about rural libraries with tiny budgets?? Sigh; is there a digital divide in libraries?]
  • Know the platforms and products and how they work
  • Start planning for the future now
  • Consider circulating eReaders and Tablets (still disagree with this PoV)
  • Plan for collection development
  • Training and marketing

How to Position Your Library: Academic Libraries

  • the future is econtent
  • understand the current limitations
  • Advocate for a sustainable future
  • Access/discovery are key
  • Brand your content
  • Ownership has its privileges
  • Be open to new ideas and experimentation
  • Talk to vendors
  • Customize the interfaces

Ellen Druda and Rosemarie Jerome

  • Marketing: Staff received buttons (and script went with buttons for in case someone was asked about eBooks)
  • Skype an author (iDrakula discussion)

Bianca Crowley’s Slides