Playing with Collaboration Tools

virtual presentation by Paul Signorelli (assisted virtually by Maurice Coleman)

Google Hangouts, Skype

Don’t always work perfectly, but when they work, they work great!

Google Hangouts: 1) regular video hangout (what was used in this session); need a google account of some kind, initiate hangout in the moment. Downside is technical issues. 2) Hangout “on air”. Scheduled in advance, system generates invite, recorded, and auto-archived, and generated on YouTube channel.

Advice on using Hangouts

  • Be patient with technology and have backup plan
  • Have nice background behind you; be conscious of space around you that will be on video
  • Space matters: test lighting; quiet place; dampen sound; turn phone off
  • Hang sign: do not disturb sign
  • Gather sense of humor — it’s so easy for things to go wrong; if you panic, things spiral out of control
  • Rehearsal time important
  • Checking sound quality
  • All those little details help with confidence on both ends of the presentation online
  • Use the tool that works best for you. Free or paid products.
  • Faith should be in the best tool for the person who is requesting assistance; use the tool that the person you’re working with (including you) is comfortable with
  • Really have to look into camera in virtual presenting.

Not using slides in today’s setting so it’s like Paul is in the room. {Although there is a slidedeck available online}

When tool is set aside and communication and collaboration take place, that’s the magic. Tool is just a tool, not a barrier. Keep video sessions to 5 or fewer participants due to bandwidth issues.

T is for Training podcast equipment – Blue Snowball Microphone + Audacity software + Logitech headsets (Newer laptops have decent mics as well); equipment outlay isn’t too much.

Other collaboration tools

  • Facebook — deeply personal and engaging — interactions with one another; private chat, captured, shared further.
  • Learning and creating something, conversation, part of the learning process
  • Twitter, Twitter chats, and conference conversations on Twitter
  • Google Docs + Dropbox for collaborating on a manuscript
  • Connect virtually on tools — and work on shared document digitally; collaborating in two different spaces at the same time
  • #lrnchat conversation on Twitter

#neklsinnovation right now: “A 2800 mile big room” (h/t @webgoddess)  virtually “hanging out” w @paulsignorelli & @baldgeekinmd

“Only real limit is bandwidth and imagination”