iPad Apps List (targeted for libraries)

I’ve been getting requests from people since April about the iPad apps I’d recommend/like/use on a semi-regular basis. This list is somewhat targeted at librarians, but I use mine in so many ways, some of my personal usage apps come into play, so anyone can utilize this list.

Here’s the complete list. I’ve organized it by different types of apps and also identified prices of apps if there’s a cost involved & included this icon: . The prices are good as of today, but may change. Finally, throughout the list, I’ve identified my top ten favorite apps.

Let me know in the comments if you have additions!

Printable PDF version of this list also available.

eBook Apps

  • iBooks
  • Kindle — Top 10 favorite of mine!
  • Stanza
  • Nook
  • Toy Story (original)
  • Cat in the Hat ($3.99) — Top 10 favorite of mine!
  • Goodreader (PDFs & other files) ($0.99 — best 99c you’ll spend on an iPad app) — Top 10 favorite of mine!
  • Overdrive eBook compatibility is supposedly coming soon(?)
  • Bonus: Older post on iPad eBooks & eBook apps for Kids


  • Netflix (Free, but requires paid subscription to Netflix) — Top 10 favorite of mine!
  • Photos — default app; can do slideshows
  • Video — default app; watch videos, podcast videos, etc.
  • Pandora — streaming music
  • Skype (iPhone app — but will work on iPad; can do voice & chats)
  • YouTube — default app


  • NPR
  • The Weather Channel Max
  • USA Today
  • NY Times Editor’s Choice
  • Yahoo! Entertainment (includes comic strips)
  • Yahoo! Sportacular HD (sports)


  • Evernote — Top 10 favorite of mine!
  • iThoughtsHD ($9.99) — mindmapping — Top 10 favorite of mine!
  • ToDo for iPad ($4.99) — to do lists)
  • Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad (HD) ($16.99) — office suite)
  • Keynote ($9.99) – Presentation application; create a presentation & present directly from your iPad!
  • Logmein Ignition ($29.99) — remotely access other computers; great for tech support — Top 10 favorite of mine!

Social Media

  • Flipboard (creates social media newspaper for your Facebook, Twitter, and other sites) — Top 10 favorite of mine!
  • Instapaper Pro ($4.99) — save articles or links to a free Instapaper account for offline reading later on this app — Top 10 favorite of mine!
  • Newsrack (RSS) ($4.99) RSS reader; works with Google Reader — Top 10 favorite of mine!
  • Tweetings HD for Twitter (>$3.99) (my preferred Twitter client)
  • Twitter (official Twitter client)


  • The Betty Crocker Cookbook for iPad
  • Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List
  • Kayak Explorer + Flight Search
  • Wikipanion for iPad
  • How To Videos from Howcast.com

Website shortcuts

  • Facebook
  • Meebo.com
  • Library Website
  • Library Online Catalog
  • Any other important Library Reference websites

2 thoughts on “iPad Apps List (targeted for libraries)”

  1. Wow! That’s quite the list! I hadn’t noticed your blog before – I should keep it on-hand as I feel a little overwhelmed with starting a church library on absolutely NO library background (not to say that I’ve never wanted to work in a library, it just had not happened until now 🙂 )

    To answer your question, we’re using PC Card Catalog from Library Concepts – as far as I know it’s primarily targeted for church libraries and other smaller media collections. It’s not quite as intuitive as I would like, but it’s not bad – especially when comparing the price to other softwares available!

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