Twitter Daily Digest for 2010-01-21

  • Twitter Daily Digest for 2010-01-20 #
  • @lorireed always great news! 🙂 in reply to lorireed #
  • finally starting to catch up a little bit on workload. 🙂 able to breathe a little easier. still, lots to do! #
  • RT @libraryfuture: 'Libraries Shd Prepare for Near Universal Adoption of Mobile Tech' Thnx for sharing @ericrumsey #
  • RT @librarianbyday Library Day in the Life Round 4, January 2010 #
  • @artg95 hey art! Glad to see you on Twitter. What got you started on it again? #
  • Watching 1989 ku-uk game on YouTube. The one where Rick pitino pressed for 40 mins, even when ku kept breaking it; final sc: ku 150; uk 95. #
  • @janbrooks1 me too! Isn't it a great option to have? in reply to janbrooks1 #
  • So thankful for @espn360. Get to catch my jayhawks online for free! #
  • That was a close one; but ku prevailed over baylor! Glad Sherron is on our team! Rock Chalk! #
  • Ah, how technology has changed! RT @janbrooks1 as a teenager, used transistor to listen to basketball in bed–now I have the laptop! #
  • @pat2pattern lol 🙂 my friend @janbrooks1 must have been desperate 2 listen 2 KU as teenager. Not sure I've ever seen a transistor radio! in reply to pat2pattern #
  • RT @CoachBillSelf: Great game tonite. Baylor played great. That wz fun out there. Guys loved it. Sherron marcus and crowd were awesome. #
  • RT @conniecrosby: Best practices for tagging on the web by @stevematthews – Well done, Steve! #
  • need to do following: 1) write #23thingsks response post for week; 2) clean up Google Reader feeds; 3) finish adding links on blog 4) sleep #

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