Twitter Daily Digest for 2011-03-16

  • Twitter Daily Digest for 2011-03-15 #
  • and down the MARC rabbit hole i go… 🙂 Thanks @wizzyrea! #
  • or rather down the MARC rabbithole if windows 7 would ever load…. #
  • @ranginui some do…I only fire up Win 7 inside VirtualBox when I have to use MarcEdit; tried to get it going on my Mac side with no luck 🙁 in reply to ranginui #
  • this makes me happy: NEKLS Chooses ByWater Solutions For Koha Support and Implementation #kohails #
  • @ranginui hehe i know 🙂 but for the work & apps i need to do/access, linux isn't there yet; maybe someday; i use as many OSS apps as i can in reply to ranginui #
  • @ranginui there's some mac-specific apps i regularly use (iWork suite (Pages & Keynote)) that LibreOffice doesnt fully duplicate in reply to ranginui #
  • @ranginui plus, i simply prefer the seamless interface of macs — used them for 20 yrs now; keep trying ubuntu but its not there yet in reply to ranginui #
  • @ranginui also, until multimedia compatibility (esp streaming video) is better, i'll use my mac; it just works w/o digging for plugins in reply to ranginui #
  • @ranginui its a split personality, i guess; I support OSS but not over an easy-to-use interface out of the box; if OSS gets there, i'm there in reply to ranginui #
  • @ranginui difference of opinion on this i guess 🙂 in reply to ranginui #
  • A letter in support of Kan-ed (from a school librarian) #

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