Twitter Daily Digest for 2011-06-26

  • Twitter Daily Digest for 2011-06-25 #
  • @kylepace jealous! I was just looking at them today wondering if one would be worth it for classes/reading. Let me know how you like it! in reply to kylepace #
  • @kylepace and have fun at the event. Looking forward to catching the videos later. in reply to kylepace #
  • Didn't get much done on day off yesterday. Must be more productive today: tutorial videos, reading, slides, coding, laundry, & cleaning! #
  • @teacherman82 regardless, have a good time. Hope it goes well or as well as a 10yr reunion can! Haha 🙂 in reply to teacherman82 #
  • #tedxphillyed tweets look awesome. Looking forward to going back thru them later! #
  • Effective Instructor Quote #
  • coding or more reading or start on slides? hmmm… #lifeofgradstudent #
  • @alemon LOL! Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that! in reply to alemon #
  • Agreed 100%! RT @gcaserotti: Digital Native does not mean Digitally Literate – HEAR HEAR! (@thebrewinlibrarian) #transliteracy #ala11 #
  • @alemon I'm not thirty and agree w you! Interesting sharing that's for sure! in reply to alemon #
  • @gcaserotti @thebrewinlibrarian @JanieH @kishizuka yet which teacher is getting cut who is trained to make digital natives info literate?? in reply to gcaserotti #
  • assignment 1 done. having to hand code in dreamweaver makes me love wordpress & its themes even more. #
  • been at coffee shop since about 3, but have gotten a lot accomplished; going to go grab dinner & get change of scenery now #

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