Learning how to use a Mac

I am an unapologetic Mac evangelist. I have used Macs since I was in third grade (almost 20 years now!), and even after using PCs over the past decade, I just don’t see how people can happily use a PC. Trying to fix one should be enough to drive people away. The viruses. The bloated software. The spyware. The bloated OS. Enough said.

As an acquaintance recently said, “Everything is so much easier and simpler to do on a Mac.” Each day, more people discover these truths. If you’re considering switching, or have already swtiched, but have no idea how to learn how to use a Mac, there are hundreds of resources available on a Web. Here’s a few links to sites that I have found useful in the past; they include guides and training videos. Most should be free; don’t pay for access to training unless you absolutely can’t find that lesson/tip anywhere else. Let me now if you know of other resources.

Find Out How: Mac Basics (Apple)

Teach-Ease: Video Tutorials

Mac 101: Get started with the Mac (Apple)

195 Free Mac Video Tutorials – The Master List for New Mac Users (My First Mac is a great general website to poke around in for tips)

Switching to Mac (another great general website)