Brainstorming QR Code Usage in Libraries

We have a group at NEKLS listening into the Handheld Librarian online conference today and tomorrow.

#hhlib is the Twitter hashtag for the conference. [lots of great comments/posting/discussion going on there]

We lost interest in a couple of the afternoon sessions, and ended up having an in-house discussion about QR Codes and how they could be used in libraries.

Sharon Moreland, who’s been live-blogging the entire day, took the notes, but as her post is lengthy, I’m going to post the brainstorm list below. Leave comments if you have other ideas to share! We have no idea how these would work, but it would be great if they all did!

HOMEWORK (our in-house discussion) – how can we use QR codes?

  • Kids book reviews from the online catalog
  • Promotion
  • Signage/virtual tour
  • Equipment inventory – or Audiobook inventory – here is what other pieces are in this Box – list and a picture and instructions – Cabinet QR code
  • Paperless, portable – but have to have a smart phone (or a tablet in the future)
  • Memorial information – On the memorial bookplate, add a QR code with additional information
  • Series information – what’s next in the series, what’s the order
  • Award information – other award winners, interview with the author, etc.
  • “Ask us what this is”  Poster with a big QR code – get the discussion going and help educate people
  • Accelerated Reader information!
  • Software keys in IT –
  • Marketing – posters in the community – on buses
  • Scavenger hunt (it’s like decoder ring)
  • Geocaching? – add more info to the cache itself
  • The Barcode Tattoo – life information, what you do for the rest of your life (great YA book)
  • Add book discussion questions on QR code
  • How much info can they hold? – text box – depends on generator
  • Iron on t-shirts for promotion?
  • codes in the family pictures/Christmas cards
  • child identification – the future of the milk cart ;-)
  • New books are coming with QR codes printed on them – goes to a site or blog or store