Learning at Your Library presentation

I presented yesterday at the 2015 NEKLS Innovation Day, “Learning @ Your Library: Empowering your community to learn”. It was a new presentation, expanding on the Open Education Resources introductory sessions I’ve led over the last few years for school librarians and teachers.

The presentation focused on the idea that libraries (public, particularly) are the perfect organization to be facilitating learning for all ages, Continue reading “Learning at Your Library presentation”

100 Informative & Inspiring YouTube Videos for Educators

If you need a weekend/new month starting pick-me-up, ideas for professional development, training, or student inspiration ice-breakers, you might find the videos on the list of 100 Informative and Inspiring YouTube Videos for Educators inspiring and useful. Several are TEDTalks, including several of my favorites by Sir Ken Robinson and Adora Svitak.

The videos cover the topics of creativity and learning, technology, philosophy and social studies, educational excellence, inspiration for teachers, science and math, language arts, special education, physical education, and business education and entrepreneurship.

They are focused for education, but really, they are for anyone interested in learning.

Finally, the Accredited Online Colleges blog that this resources if from, is full of great lists and resources about online technology, especially for education.

Massive Online Open Course (MOOC)

Has anyone heard of or participated in a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) before? I had never heard of the term before this summer, when the University of Illinois announced a MOOC on Online Learning Today for this summer.

What’s a MOOC? Check out this YouTube video, explaining what it is.

The MOOC course from University of Illinois looked interesting, so I signed up, hoping to participate. Well, with classes and work, that became impossible, but I plan to look at the content later.

This past week, I ran across the article, “Explore a New Learning Frontier: MOOCs” in Learning Solutions Magazine. MOOCs still look to be a very new trend, but it will be interesting to see what comes of them. Their impact, especially for adult continuing education purposes could be quite interesting.