Learning at Your Library presentation

I presented yesterday at the 2015 NEKLS Innovation Day, “Learning @ Your Library: Empowering your community to learn”. It was a new presentation, expanding on the Open Education Resources introductory sessions I’ve led over the last few years for school librarians and teachers.

The presentation focused on the idea that libraries (public, particularly) are the perfect organization to be facilitating learning for all ages, as the need for knowledge building and creation increases, and traditional institutions of learning aren’t keeping up (so far). It’s a rough idea, and not fully formulated yet; however, it’s time for me to start discussing this idea in larger groups than 1-2 colleagues or in graduate school applications. The presentation did include a lot of great discussion, including some great pushback (including why should libraries offer to facilitate a group of patrons to participate MOOCs or Open Courses; answer? because many people don’t like to learn in a vaccuum — social learning).

Here’s the presentation slidedeck, along with a handout that includes all the links I shared as places to go. I’d appreciate (kind) constructive feedback, places to go to read and learn more, suggestions for websites to add to the body of work of resources, or any other comments and suggestions. A few resources were shared by the group yesterday, including GCFLearn.org (free tutorials), Udemy (tech courses), Figment (writing), KU Libraries’ College and Career Readiness LibGuide, YouTube (instructional videos), and Craftsy (crafting tutorials).