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Web 2.0 tools: multi-platform; free; actually useful; app v cloud; phone v phone; download v cloud.

Great advice for the tools: don’t wedge tools into your life — only use what works for you and your workflow and interests.

Classic Presentation

New media/presentation

Work Stuff

Customer Service

You Know, For Kids! 

  • Handipoints — paper dolls; chores; arts; worksheets, etc
  • Storybird — storytelling tool
  • LittleBirdTales — Kids recording their stories
  • Smories — Kids recorded reading stories; Started in Britain, so many of the kids have British accents!
  • RedKid — webmail for kids; and more!

Audio & Music

Libraryish Things

  • Booklamp (Open source version of Novelist; cross between Digital Humanities & Novelist)
  • Booktrack – suggests soundtrack to listen to along with your ebook
  • Movellas — publish short stories
  • Ficly — publish short stories
  • Geni — make family trees
  • Storify — integrating social media — tell stories
  • Small Demons — storehouse of info about fictional characters — pop culture, etc. Cross-referenced. Geographics; products. Finds references everywhere. Site that depends on user community to improve the database of information.
  • ShareSomeSugar — why buy when you can borrow (borrowing sugar cups from neighbors); why buy when you can borrow?


Oldies but goodies

Twitter/Social Media Tools

Just for fun and/or totally weird