Tech Tools Infoblitz

Gretchen Rings, Univ of Chicago; Emily Clasper, Suffolk Coop. Library Sys; Michelle Zaffino, In the Stacks; Philip Gunderson, San Diego PL

Launching a Mobile Hotspot Lending Program @ Your Library — Oak Public Library — Gretchen Rings

  • Disclaimer at beginning: Wildly successful program but its being discontinued due to circumstances beyond their control;├é┬áMobile Beacon nonprofit and issues there. #stopSprint
  • Experimental Budget money –> Li-Fi: Your Library’s Mobile Hotspot: scope, partnerships, budgets, branding discovery, deployment
  • What is a mobile hotspot? “Clever little boxes” that provide Mobile broadband wireless Internet; connects wi-fi enabled device to a 4G mobile high-speed network; small, portable; easy to use; connects up to eight devices. Great for traveling.
  • TechSoup for Libraries project — how library found about Mobile Beacon — a nonprofit to providing affordable, mobile, high-speed Interent access to other nonprofits so they can better carry out their missions ($10/ month (prepaid, $120 per year), unlimited 4G data plans… Device was $45 + the subscription
  • Arstechnica article about lawsuit situation

Tech Tools InfoBlitz: Online Tools for Collaborative Projects — Emily Clasper — Slides

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