Privacy Frameworks & Tools

Adventures in Privacy Literacy — Kate Roberts & Erin Berman, San José Public Library

Big Picture Question: How might we empower people to make informed decisions about online privacy issues? Came out of Knight Foundation challenge

  • Lots of online data privacy issues & needs going on
  • Need for being privacy literate; patrons asking about this issue
  • Shift from Fear-based to fun & education

Received Knight Prototype Fund — rapidly iterate and create prototype (Luma Institute training)

  • Their beginning research found that learning about online privacy can be scary, overwhelming (way too many results–where to get started), and boring (droll, dry, no interactivity, no personalization, one-size-fits-all)
  • Yet people are thinking about their privacy
    • 93% of adults that being in control of who can get info about them is impt
    • 69% of adults say they are not confident that records of their activity maintained by online sites..
    • Pew reports on online privacy

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